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Audit Windows Directories - Requesting a new Mapping file

If your operating system is not listed, you can request a new mapping file. To create a new mapping file, we need a copy of your security event log. Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Make sure you have Enabled Auditing on the computer.
  2. Inside the directory for which you have enabled auditing in the previous step, create a new file.
  3. Now, delete that new file.
  4. Open the Windows Event Viewer (on the Windows Control Panel)
  5. Select the "Security" log
  6. Use the "Action ->Save Log File As..." menu to create a backup of your security log.
    Make sure you save it as type "Event Log (*.evt)".
  7. Send the saved Security log file to
    If the log is big, please ZIP it. Please tell us the Operating System for this log file as well.