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Available Plugins

Below is a list of available plugins you can use with watchDirectory.

Run Multiple SubTasks for detected files
Automatically Copy Files
Automatically Sort Files
Automatically Email when files are created/deleted
Monitor the size of your folders
Automatically Rename Files
Automatically Delete Files
Automatically Upload (ftp) Files
Automatically create thumbnails for your pictures
Automatically Generate HTML (for your pictures, or maybe other files)
Automatically Generate auditing reports for changed/deleted files (Who Did It?)
Automatically Start any Program
Automatically start .bat files
Several sample .bat files are included:
Automatically Compress (zip) files
Automatically Uncompress (unzip) files
Automatically play a sound file (WAV) when new files are created.

We are looking for ideas for other plugins to create, Let Us Know if you have a good idea. All future plugins are free for our customers.