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Directory to Watch

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On this page you enter the directory (folder) that must be monitored for changes. You can enter the directory directly, or use the browse button to select it.

If the directory you have entered is located on a network drive (Pro), you should enter its UNC name, not the mapped drive name. If watchDirectory detects the directory is on a network drive, you will receive a prompt to automatically change it to its UNC name (P:\Dir -> \\Servername\Share\Dir).

The directory to monitor for changes

Also monitor sub directories
If this option is checked, watchDirectory will monitor the entire directory tree for changes. When a new directory is created below the monitored directory, it will automatically be monitored as well.
If this option is not checked, changes below the monitored directory will not fire events.

When the network directory is not available, keep trying
If this option is checked, and the network becomes unavailable (server reboot), watchDirectory will retry to monitor the directory.
If this option is not checked, watchDirectory will abort when it can not monitor the directory.

Attempt XX reconnects
How often should watchDirectory retry to monitor the directory.

Wait XX seconds between attempts
How long should watchDirectory wait after each retry.

Ignore problems with the directory above...
If you are editing the settings of a task, and the directory is currently unavailable (the server is down), watchDirectory will not let you leave this page. If you are sure the directory is valid, and will be available when the task is running, you can select this option to force watchDirectory to accept this directory.
This setting is not saved, and will only remain selected while you edit this task.

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