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Standard versus Professional version

The table below shows the differences between the Standard and Professional version of watchDirectory. The features they have in common are not mentioned here. If you are not sure which edition is best for you, please contact us for assistance.

Feature watchDirectory Standard watchDirectory Professional
Maximum number of tasks that can run simultaneously Three (3) tasks can run at the same time. Unlimited
Can use the Run Multiple SubTasks plugin Not Supported Supported
Can monitor network directories No, only directories on local drives Yes
Tasks can run as Windows Service applications No Yes
The File Age monitoring method: starts your task for files older than XXX minutes, hours or days Not supported Supported
Scheduler: delay starting tasks until a later moment Not supported Supported
Send email alerts when watchDirectory detects a problem Not supported Supported
Supports wdNotify to show file system activity on your system tray Not supported Supported

Our upgrade policy

All new minor versions of watchDirectory are free after your purchase. So, when you buy version 4.0 all 4.x versions will be free. This also includes all plugins that are released for those versions.
When a new major version is released, existing customers can upgrade at a reduced price. If this new major version is released within 90 days of your purchase, your upgrade will be free.
If you want to upgrade watchDirectory Standard to watchDirectory Professional, you can do so at any given time for the price difference.